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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  November 11, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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is wednesday happy veterans day to you. rosanna: i think you should all hug a veteran. glg this is looking up. rosanna: this is is rosanna scotto it is going to move out. a nice day for our veterans. greg: easy does it with the big deal that is nasty out there. mike is saying it is moving out. rosanna: that or billy joel. that was a stretch. greg: meanwhile last night, the debate, the republicans had another debate over in fox business, and quite frankly i didn't catch it but we'll have experts here to give you the gist of what happened last night. rosanna: i did it was a great sleeping pill. all bets are off. two popular fantasy sports sites engage in illegal gambling therefore must stop taking bets in new york state. greg: all right. rosanna you mentioned it is veteran's day. there will be a big parade out
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on 6th avenue including all of those who have served it was a prief pledge to serve by the way. rosanna: a privilege to be next to you every morning. former mayor bloomberg he needs a stunt on a s&l. at the if out smith dinner. greg: they have this charity. a roast usually presidential candidates come during the big election year. rosanna: but they were all at the debate. but the mayor, the former mayor still had plenty of ammunition last night for the people who were on the -- greg: some people who were not there. he got governor cuomo, and mayor de blasio pretty good. here's a sample. [laughter] no? we'll skip the sample. rosanna: we'll have a sample u coming up. greg: how about this i have the script. despite what you hear in the press cuomo and de blasio they're tight like cain and abel. hamilton and burr.
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katy perry and taylor swift. tighter than people reels like couple who is finish their sentences they finish each other's if anonymous quotes. he said to the pope he spoke in a spanish -- in spanish to make the pope feel at home. pope smiled he said i asked what thought of my accent he said if i prief p forgive you my son. rosanna: we were both there last night. we took funny pictures behind the sangs too. remember that? mike: how are you? >> perfect night toe stay indoors. mike: exactly. you let the debate put you to sleepy see. rosanna: i tried to stay up about a half hour later, i had the best night of sleep. mike: we all deserve it. greg: well rested but you don't know anything. i skipped it too.
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give us the gist of it all. mike: as you mentioned we have plight rain and drizzle in the area but not a big deal. let's show you in terms of rainfall around the tristate region. .56 inches at islip we might be upping numbers a little bit here. light rain and drizzle still in the area for a few folks especially up lower hudson valley into connecticut and central long island. yonkers .27. bridgeport pnt 128. as you can see on fox 5 sky guardian we have showers in the city. nothing really shows up here but there's a good amount of drizzle keep that in mind it is not going to dry up quick. you have showers out in quest chester over into fairfield can want here in connecticut putnam you've got light rain in that area too.
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in the next few hours it should be heading towards a drier sky. we have a mostly cloudy sky central park. 50 degrees. winds from the north, northwest at 12 in my opinion. we have a good amount of rain that has to work its way through connecticut. but it is also making its way through the lower hudson valley as mentioned earlier, though. city things are looking better for us but if you want dry sidewalk and roadway it is things look that it will take a while because this area of low pressure is lumbering out of the tristate region. but high pressure will be building in and at least a little bit of sunshine later on as it comes to a close this morning. out to the veteran's day parade a high temp of about 59 drags. rain should end but it could be damp outside. not a blazing sunshine sort of day request warm everies that's not the case. but at least rain will be coming to a clogs. high of 60 tomorrow with another
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round it have showers tomorrow. sunny skies back for you friday all the way through tuesday of next week. okay now let's get you over to ines rosales wech a mess outside even though folks have the day off. ines: street cleaning rule it is suspended because of veterans day in five boroughs. problem it is watch out for an accident blocking a lane. l.i. slower than normal an accident by woodhaven boulevard leaving that delay. bruckner southbound by 138th street watch out for a stall blocking a lane. heading to orange expect delays here on throughway a truck flipped o over. off the roadway there. but some lanes could be closed along with rubber necking delays. minor delays traveling through there. a look at staten island expressway you're fine eastbound and westbound as for the lincoln tunnel driving into the city this morning 30 to 40 minutes
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helix normal delays there. holland 20 minutes each. trains on or close. greg and rosanna. greg: so word is no clear winner from last night debate. rosanna: there is maria. greg: the moderator. rosanna: she was fantastic she was the winner last night. greg: i didn't catch it how did donald do? rosanna: he got confused on the -- ben: ben carson? let's go to robert moses. rosanna: you watched the whole thing what did you think? >> i thought it was boring. greg: you have to eat your vegetables. reporter: good toe jew both without christie and huckabee eight candidates on stage.
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candidates and they got far more uninterrupted time to delve into specifics. a bit more boring as well but there were fireworks too. reporter: in a debate that featured longer answers more substance and slightly less sniping it got much attention. dismissed a plan to deport 11 million unworkable immigrants. >> we know you can't pick them up and ship them back across the border. it is a silly argument. >> doing high-fives in the clinton campaign when we see this. >> cites dwight eisenhower. you don't get nicer. you don't get friendlier. they moves a million and a half people out. we have no choice. reporter: ben carson defended himself and said he's not a lie
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>> i have no problem -- but i have a problem being lied about. putting that out there as true. >> marco rubio and rand paul clashed about spending paul criticized plan to spend more. rubio said he wants america to be strongest marl power in the world. carly said we must take our government back. ted cruz had the most memorable gast and said when five agencies he would eliminate. department of energy. department commerce and hudd. >> trump suggested that bush should be allowed to speak. >> thank you for allowing me to spook at the debate. nice of you. really appreciate that. what a generous man you are. >> so some takeaway here if you didn't watch the whole thing
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bush sounded confident last night. trump played r e as fourth moderator and scolded forking and telling actual moderator who to call on. rubio under pressure. ben carson sleepy, and moderator did a great job keeping control last night. didn'ts will debate on saturday. greg and rosanna. greg: bferl that big debate there was a smaller and debate that featured chris christie. they got to debate earlier. >> he made very good point. he faced off against huckabee and rick santorum. i didn't realize he was still in the debate. christie saved one of the toughest shots for his detective rival hillary clinton. >> if you think that mike huckabee won't be the president to cut can back spending wait
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clinton will do and drown us in debt. she's the real -- governor promised that he cut a trillion from the budget and reduce regulation on businesses. >> governor pennsylvania pennsylvania pataki not allowed it to debate. >> take a look at this vincent, 27 yearings old. police believe he and another man got into an argument at a mcdonald's and then a shooting happened at the subway station is 35th and 8th. the gunman is on the loose but they're not releasing his name. mr. ocona urging his sob to turn himself in. one died if you have information call crime stoppers. twutd 1-800-577-tips.
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belt on a sports fantasy site this morning you're out of luck. it is it legal gambling. eric schneiderman told draft kings and fan to stop accepting bet in the state. greg: what's up? teresa priolo joins us at the head quarters that happens to be in union square. hi teresa. >> this entire argument henchs on whether or not these games are by luck or chance when you win them according to the attorney general this is all chance if you what to win any amount of money it is because hey, you took a chance and it worked out and didn't take any sort of skill he's calling them a multibillion dollar scheme. >> these new one day fantasy baseball leagues with the hottest thing in fantasy baseball. >> that may stop. attorney general deemed fantasy
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draft kings that proments promise a potential to win each week. not a game of skill but chance. attorney general released a statement saying daily fantasy sports is neither victimless nor harmless and lead trs of a massive multibillion dollar scheme intended to evade the law and flee sports fans across the country. schneiderman ordered both companies to stop accepting wagers in new york and has a half a million users here alone. company said new york's actions today are an if unfortunate example of of the state government stifling innovation, technology, entrepreneur ship acting without full and fair consideration of the interest of consumers. fan dual signing up more than 20,000 plays day and good chunk of users are based hoar here in new york. these games are legal. fan dual saying it has been played in new york for yeerls
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and years but after realized he could get press conference he decideed a game that's been around for a long time is suddenly now not legal. preax is mixed. >> it is not a skill but taken by luck. >> taken over the line by mag it more of gambling kind of thing where it's all if making money. >> now the response coming in wake of an investigation last month when a draft king employee won 350,000 on fan dual site by using betting data. the companies have five days to respond to the actions and all legal experts say this matter will be decided in court. what will be interested to see if other states will flop in the footsteps of new york. a dozen of other o states are considering fantasy sport legislation. that's the latest from union scwairl this morning. back to both of you in the studio. >> how hard is it raining out there?
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drizzling not too bad. greg: thanks. just curious. rosanna: sad news a woman found dead in her westchester county she's -- she was a very qeat social lite from that area. her name is lowe wise kolly found in the laundry room until north salem. greg: she may have come home to discover a robbery or burglary in progress. last heard from 3:00 on monday afternoon found dead at 5:00. so yeah sad story. she died alone. they're not suspect the husband by the way -- he's actually going out of their way to say he's not a suspect. he came home, and her home was being burglarized. rosanna: mayor de blasio has
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basically up? the post voterring not one presidential hopeful signed up for bill de blasio's bipartisan discussion on income inequality, nobody signed up. set to take place in iowa next month. committee that was organizing the event told the post it will refocus on getting every day people to push both candidates and elected candidates for change. this organization is now saying well, we've been talking about income equality it it is now part of the election talk so we've done our job basically we don't need to do this or forum. >> you know what is making fun of his trips to iowa last night bloomberg. this is the dinner. we have a waldorf astoria hotel. raised money for needy children among other causes all right
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of the attendees, mayor de blasio and his travels. >> he's here in new york city tonight. [laughter] >> to get him to show up his staff told him the dirng dinner wases in iowa. come toll think of it that's what my staff told me as well. greg: not bad. rosanna: other funny one liners. it's known for humor at the expense of the people that were there. raises money for various charities and organize terse say annual dinner raitdzed 2.5 million. >> made fun of the hotel. you may not have heard but this hotel is now chinese owned still the same hotel with great service. they've listened care flied to their guests now we think they're listening extra carefully between the chinese
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chuck schumer may never leave. [laughter] rosanna: so funny. very funny. it was a good event. like we said, raises money for some qort worthy charities qsh very nice. laughter makes everybody feel better. we need to laugh with this weather. it's raw outside. mike: you know how many people were angry with the wet weather, gray skies they have that sour puss look on their face looking at me like i did it. here's what we have out there. trying to get it out of herl. 50 central park. newarking and belmar you've got 52. same in al it been town. 47 in bridgeport. 54 montauk. a lot of clouds around. stl should recalls out there if you don't have showers you have the drz drizzle more northwesterly coming through around as little or 17 miles per hour out in montauk so it's been kind of a breezy cool wet stretch of weather here hoping
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to get this out of here early this morning but not early enough for folks. we get morning showers out there. and then gradual play things would dry out. we would like to see more sunshine we'll get it but not much. up to the northeast we're stuck with rainfall in the lower hudson valley. connecticut, eastern long island prl a good part of the morning. then it should break up. parade kick off 11:30 or so, and we're going to have still clearing skies. doesn't look like it is completely dry in terms dampness, but parade doesn't look like a washout but it has on damp side. high temp up to 59 degrees today. tomorrow up to 60 with another hit of rainfall coming through. then we're done for quite a while. let's get you to ines check out
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your commute situation i see rain drops so we're not done yet. >> dealing with that and wet roadways. s southbound. expect delays peekskill so parsippany doing fine. cameras check out your commute this morning. staten island checking in here and there. been light traffic. a lot of kids off from school and teachers so that help it is the commute at. cross bronx doing fine no delays major deegan looks great. greg and rosanna. greg: let's look at that rain or mist. live outside right now. and a little bit of both. rosanna: a little bit of both sometimes you don't need the umbrella because it is coming at you around different ways. greg: northeast here can blow off the umbrella. rosanna: weir going to take a break. we'll be right back.
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every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. >> what about that? rosanna: look at you all dressed up in your fatigue. dressed up thought i would mention two others that i know.
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ray kelly. vietnam veteran this the day the graduated boot camp. no i'm here. >> no like in history? >> summer time i think. on parking lot the will have the my mom in the coast guard. >> you're all veterans you can't say today is midday. you take out the garbage everybody is on 9 same. >> i was the only fighter pilot at the dirnl table. >> there was one -- i was in iraq. happy very veterans day. >> today is the day to honor those who served in our country. we salute them thank you so much for what you do for our country for all of us. kerry drew joins us from 23rd
7:24 am
reporter: today is all about honoring veterans and thanking them for their service. madison square park behind me look festive this morning. a lot of american flags hanging in the park were right along plgt parade route that starts 11:30 this morning called ole america's parade. along 5th avenue barricades are up. 20,000 people already participating and kicks off request a special opening ceremony and wreath laying opened next to madison square park. the parade rule the is is just a little over a mile long it goes up fifth avenue from 26th street to 52nd street and special ways, restaurant, coffee shops honoring our veterans. dennys has a grand slam breakfast, ihop will have red, white, blue pancakes. starbucks has a fry tall coffee
7:25 am
members and staff a physical bees offering free an entree for veterans. active and retired personnel. applies to any bus, train, or light rail service just show your military id. u ber and lyft offering free rides all day today to and from work also for a job interview. thank them for their service. by thank you and your parents as quill. al photojournal ition here at fox 5 an act five duty of the marines for three years. greg: thank you kerry. no problem i enjoyed it. but i want to see that list of the free stuff i can get today. free grand slam. where's the closest dennies?
7:26 am
>> starbucks is a block away. how do you? i have my id card. it's already breakfast let's face it. how about 10% off for all who go to fresco by scotto. >> we ought to do that definitely. at least for you. greg: tell them greg sent you. they know that. rosanna: coming up on "good day new york" breaking down the republican debate. who had the most substantive comments last night. greg: who won, who lost? no clear winner, no clear loser.
7:27 am
rosanna: all right. the rain moved out of new york city nobody has an umbrella out. there's one. greg: best thing being in the marl quite frankly. rosanna: the free food? greg: the uniforms. takes guess work out of what to
7:28 am
i got to wear a jump suit basically every day. in that picture i was 202 pound. two less than i am right now. so -- greg:in good shape. rosanna: tom cruzish. we have that in mind. greg: that is over southern portion much iraq. don't choir. rosanna: you were really there will for some serious business, right? greg: in a su tan. don'ting for the. mike welcome back. mike: great gray skies. america's parades is going on today. we have drier skies. nasty yesterday. things are heading in the right direction. what to expect todays, we have cloud can i skies and some dries the in the area but the actual rain should be coming to a close out of the parade.
7:29 am
the parade starts 11:25. some peaks of sun later in the amp. high temp up to 59 and then it starts coming down breezy as well. but the general trend will be for us guides to clear up a little bit. when it comes to raffle, as far as the radar is krnlged fox five sky guardian showing showers mainly in northern tear of the tristate and a little bit leftover for you in long island. either light rain or drizzle depending where you are. but it will get out of here but again, just takes a little time. 52 your tmp with cloudy sky right now. maybe drizzle still happening. there's area of low pressure which brought in the rainfall now it is going to take it out of the area. and high pressure will build in. bringing us a fair sky later on in the afternoon and into tomorrow. but only for a little while because another front crossing into the area and bringing us more scattered showers towards thursday pfer for now we're getting rid of this one.
7:30 am
new england has to deal with that wet weather. future cast showing you what's going on. rainfall is going away. but takes while for that drizzle to dry up. motionly cloudy sky later in the afternoon into this evening. and then tomorrow we see some more changes as clouds rethicken in the morning. no range in the morning of rain but the cold front or trough coming into the area will bring us scattered showers not like an all day rind of rain. but it get out of town into friday into the weekend and sunny skies making a comebacks in the tristate. today working on sun laughter on. we start you off in the float of low to mid-50s. we show you peeks of sunshine for you in the afternoon as well. breezy later today.
7:31 am
to see a few passing showers as the front crosses by. tomorrow. 59 for you on friday. we keep that sunshine. one low to 39 degreings come sunday morning that's chilly out there. a pushback to fall-like temperatures not too far down the road. over to ines rosales so we've seen a decent am it have rainfall to slow you down but hopefully the fact that it is veterans day it slows down a bit too. >> flooding and ponding here and there. it is veteran's day in five boroughs suspended. meters remain in effect. throgs neck bridge. blocking a lane you have a block by one. putnam county flipped overt car slowedded down on taconic. let's go to cameras pl. i.e. by south oyster bay road.
7:32 am
eastbound good as for fdr drive at 96th street. gloomy tough to see but traffic moving fine southbound at 96th no problem northbound to triborough bridge. trains on or close. >> fox business network held a debate for all of the republicans most of them actually. >> fourth time around. greg: what we're hearing no clear winners no clear losers, but let's go to the experts jeanie with political science debate and noted historian and biographer, the author of the brand new destiny empower, the american add odyssey of herbert bush. >> was there a clear cut win center >> marco rubio has been great in the debates he's done well. jeb bush did better i think. but probably not enough to change polls. how do you feel?
7:33 am
rmingts status quo wide when you have this odd situation with nontraditional candidates way up in the polls. i think gigi is right that rubio and cruz are becoming second tier and jeb bush has not broken through. rosanna: duke candidates can talk about about leaving the minimum wage as it is right now will hurt them? donald trump didn't think it was the economy? >> been the protest and governor cuomo mentioned in the context of the first question. but ben carson said if you raise the minimum wage you're going to lose jobs fact check shows that hasn't been the case historically. >> let's first hear from drurp. >> donald trump. >> we're a country of laws. we need borders. we will have a wall. the wall will be built. the wall will be successful, and
7:34 am
israel. believe me prop orally done. believe me. >> donald trump was donald trump trump. john. >> i felt this was going to be over on labor day and then people say october first, and surely it won't last past halloween here we are. so it is a very well unconventional year. >> let's listen toking what mr. kasich said let's night. >> we need to control our border like people have to control what goes in and out of their house. but if people think we're going to shift 11 people law a law-abiding in this country and pick them up out of that i recall house and ship them to mexico. think about the family, think about the children. >> the children. >> this is a real divide. we thought trump and kriewlz cruz on one side over the issue
7:35 am
7:36 am
>> he's had a couple of tough weeks. historically? >> thomas jefferson had everything negatively published while he was president 37 this. had is a man who department have an opponent. >> supposed lovers. [laughter] >> we have to have a couple of more to do. i like this guy. we have ted cruz let's go reeght to jeb bush apparently found night. hit it. smg question rolled it out a spending plan. 500 million in specific cuts. 58 major agency it is that i would eliminate. irs, department of energy, the department of commerce, and hud and then 25 specific programs
7:37 am
ted you want to look at specificity it is easy to say cut spending. it's harder, riskier to put out chapter and specifically the programs you would cut to stop bankrupting our kids. >> high-five in the clinton campaign when they hear this? that's the problem with this. we have to win the at the time city, and the way you win is practical plan. lay them out there. what we need to do is earn legal status where they pay a fine. where they work, where they don't commit crimes over an extended period of time they earn legal status that's the path of proper -- >> that's the smoothest most powerful i've seen jeb bush. >> he's comfortable with that issue. there's a substantive core there. been skeptical of his dad, and the break through will come if
7:38 am
>> he did an incredible book, and 41 had harsh things to say about cheney and rumsfeld in this book. have you gone back to former president and talked to him? do you think he's remorseful? >> i gave him every opportunity. if you want to say i've said in the heat of the moment had said that's what i said. he believes in history. he believes in the force a endiplomacy should not be competitive but complimentary forces and he and husband son were closer on substance than we thought. >> if you want to meet john and get his book signed here's the opportunity. 92 d street tonight at 10:15 who is your interrogator?
7:39 am
interesting. his job was to beat george bush. >> name means nothing to me. >> remember carson used to say on another network. >> thank you very much. appreciate your perspective this morning. greg: okay i think it is still raining outside let's take a peek if we can. rosanna: how can we miss him?
7:40 am
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on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. mike: good morning everyone. happy wednesday, happy veteran's day let's show you what we have on this day on average. 56 high. 43 your average low, and sunset man early 4:42 we have the rape getting out of town. area of low pressure pulling shower it is away from the city. out of o new jersey, we still have gray skies and still some drizzle leftover for you but more solid rainfall coming to a up into new england today but that take while for it to get out area of low pressure there.
7:42 am
we have a good looking day later on. but right now it is kind of gray and ugly. after morning showers you have a cloudy sky for you, and then later on tonight you're beginning to see low temps dropping between 40 and 48 with part play cloudy sky, cool temperatures not too bad, though. through next five days so for again the parade things look okay. might be a little dample in the beginning but peeks of sun laifort later on in the afternoon and another hit of the rain. but not too much rain wise with that. sunny skies friday, saturday, sunday. and temp wise where we should be time of the year. google play store request a live interactive radar. find out specifically where that rain is. what streets it is affecting what it is not. download for freed today. all right let's bring in ines see the soggy commute.
7:43 am
ines: dreary out there. commute light tear than normal. westbound by hillside avenue blocks a lane. southbound approaching 280. ulster southbound truck flipped over off into the woods rubber necking delays here. approaching route 84 newburgh where you have that problem. cut can the commute this morning. a throughway doing fine if you're heading to tapen bridge. driving into the city lincoln tunnel the buzziest of the three. 45 minutes inbound approaching toll plaza. who'll take the holland tunnel, new york bay expension experiencing port delays. back to you. rosanna: let's go to duke find out what's happening in sports.
7:44 am
duke: joined by knicks legend, general manager of the d league. last night at the garden nay beat carolina panthers 3-0. they win the sixth straight game. henrik lundqvist and all time stage record for the rangers as well as all time appearances and set the nhl most for only one team. other hockey news. islanders beat sharks out in san jose and devils plos to blues 2-0. basketball now knicks pick game here. gets the rebound puts it back. 101 new york. ten seconds left. toronto with a chance to tie it. but they win it 111-109. alan before we talk about the westchester d league team i want to ask you about old team the knicks.
7:45 am
rookie magic john son called a steal on the draft the other day that's quite a compliment. far? >> we knew coming in that he was resilient player. with his length we knew he could create a lot of matchup problemses. but i think what what poem are finding is that he's a hard worker he's smart. he's figuring out how to impact the game as a rookie. it is hard with the season, but he's going to be a good player because of the way he thinks in the game. he wants to be really good. he's attentive to the coaching staff, and he's just really motivated. duke: he's only 20 years old. you have your shairl of me problems everybody knows that. carmelo anthony coming off surgery. he is starting to get healthy 25 points last night. is it the mental sign clearing that hurdle i'm okay, i'm okay
7:46 am
but the health of me that you have to get underneath you? >> the mental part is the bigger hurdle because you have to find your rhythm things with your explosiveness and lift being able to create space doesn't come as quickly. so he's finding out new ways to impact the game. he's playing hard. i think that's the thing host trusting his teammating and he's learning you have a lot of nod player this is year so those are things that factor in. but i enjoy what he's doing right now because he's starting to figure out how to -- really impact game in other ways and trust teammates. >> d league team. thursday night you are the general manager and open at the westchester county center against maine. and then again saturday, this is not only a great affable night for families. but tickets start 10 dollars. how about excellent basketball there right? >> you've said it all.
7:47 am
great basketball. six guys in our training camp this year that will be playing four guys. two extras who came back from last year. so it will be from familiarity they'll have a wonderful time. a good, family environment. having a good year with us. >> fan favorite at the garden. >> again he's another hard worker. he's made a big impact. but thursday is our home opener. but saturday is the 1:00 game so it is a great family environment prl everybody. duke: you're very close to the action as well. i've been up there. you're very close to the action. where can people get tickets? >> westchester -- families close to westchester up that way. you've sad it. people plb surprised you know the quality 6 basketball. >> hughs ton i appreciate the
7:48 am
time. greg and rosanna. greg: it is terrific great venue there too. rosanna: all right "good day new york" will take a quick break. you know who is going to be here? harry potter? up. >> do the standard tv news thing?
7:49 am
he's done a lot of the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. t fewer than 10% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
7:50 am
rosanna: okay time for so-called entertainment shia labeouf fits that category. greg: all right anna gilligan zero responsibility what's going on with that guy? anna: take my responsibility seriously did i find shia? rosanna: no where took found. anna: a live look still not in his chair or maybe came back. we're talking about shia labeouf invitings people to watch his movies with him. live streams entire thing from there. he started yesterday at noon and he'll be there until thursday. greg: this is downtown here in manhattan. rosanna: sleeping, i see thing on that chair there. greg: from before. what was this movie then? >> in transformers.
7:51 am
greg: on the eccentric side. doing a marathon of his films in reverse chronological or order we have some who wept to the angel ka yesterday to watch. >> we we were just there. awkward. i wanted to do something -- >> awkward. >> there he is sitting there watching himself. i would watch a few times. >> i hope he's there. when we showed earlier stuff there was like some clothes on the chair. >> angelica hard on the staff. they have to keep everything running for him. >> i'm sure they have shifts. : usually they aren't open through the evening. >> you can go -- >> why don't you go there?
7:52 am
>> i don't like the transformer movie. >> they should be watching revenge of the following right now. >> it is leak one of the last remaining art house cinemas. i love it. 12:20 indiana joans trader of the last ark. >> dumb and dumber tomorrow morning. >> is he in that? >> yeah. >> i hope this experiment works the for you. >> let's talk about katy perry the face of the holiday campaign. posing along human sized sol jerls to promote it. he recorded a jpg l for the fashion line called every day is a holiday now play in e-ing in stores you can see a commercial of her. start airing starting november 23rd. but this will add to her
7:53 am
apparently reportedly made $135 million this year. add h&m. >> it saw her at a charity event last week. you know, not the easiest. >> makes most of that from touring. facebook fan of the hour time it is gabrielle. thanks gabrielle for supporting good day. rosanna: "good day new york" is going for the girl scout meeting... for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! p at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up.
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7:56 am
"good day new york." >> good day, new york. it is veterans day. hello, veteran. >> carry on, rosanna. >> it is wednesday, november left 11th. i'm. >> there is a lot of drizzly stuff into it will clear out for the veterans day parade. honor our veterans. that parade will be fun. mike woods has the broadcast. >> new york attorney general eric schneiderman is ordering fantasy sports sites to stop taking bets. that involves sites like fanduel and draftkings. a lot of controversy. >> did you watch the republican debate last night it got down to business literally on fox business. it focused mainly on economic issues. it was the 2016 race for the white house.
7:57 am
>> donald trump, ben carson, jeb bush. they were all there. >> except for governor christie. he was the children's table. >> no clear winner. and this. >> victoria's secret selling $2 million bra. come on. >> who is that. >> those are some of models that hit the runway for the victoria secret fashion show. >> i believe that business sell. >> i don't believe gisele does it anymore. that was kendall jenner was one of the highlights. gigi hawed deed was one of highlights. >> daniel radcliffe, global sensation in the "harry potter" movies, he is in the movie, "victor frankenstein." >> he place i-for. >> food for him. -- good for him. >> say high hi to veterans. >> it was a privilege to serve.
7:58 am
nine years active duty. earlier i was boasting about my own exploits. i forgot to mention a few people, like my family. picture. i think you might have it. navy. i have got all of my uncles that corporation. every single male member of my family joined usmc. uncle donald. uncle leonard. uncle kenneth. >> did they all text you, what about us? >> i am kind of getting that vibe. we don't have the picture ready. there is my mom and dad. my mom was a veteran too. coast guard. my dad was vietnam veteran. colonel in the marine corps reserve. that is me in boot camp. >> you look fresh-faced. that boot camp is like in the movies? >> it is horrific. they get in your face. >> like 20. >> not "full metal jacket." not
7:59 am
you go through it and live and survive. >> it adds to your character. >> i hope so. mike woods, what do you think? >> it was a little rough for me. my sister joined army reserves. it was definitely a little intimidating. >> did you think about doing it? >> after watching her experience? >> you got your fill. >> i felt wiser. hmmm. thank you anyway. >> for those who did. privilege to serve. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> let's talk about the weather. >> weather looks like it will cooperate for us here. looks like the rain is coming to a close and we're going to see maybe some gray skies early on. maybe a little drizzle around town but that's it. doesn't look like we have too much going on in the city when it comes to rainfall out there. the rain will head up into the east, up into new england but brighter skies are ahead for us as we head into the afternoon in the city. another round of showers will be rolling into town tomorrow mainly in the afternoon. it doesn't look like it will be
8:00 am
as far as the weekend is concerned, well it will turn breezy and cooler for us but we do get our sunshine back. it looks like it will hanging out for a while here. let's look at our temps. 54 in central park. 54 degrees in allentown. 48 degrees in poughkeepsie. winds are not so bad but they're out there, generally coming in from the north and northwest at around six to 18 miles per hour. it is definitely still on the breezy side as area of low pressure drops to the south and heading up to the north and east. it also looks like it is intensifying but as it pulls away so shouldn't be too big of a problem. folk still dealing with some showers, connecticut, eastern sections of long island. elsewhere should be drying out quite soon other than drizzle that goes on a little while longer. high pressure builds. you will see sunshine as we into the afternoon. general trend for things to dry out.
8:01 am
in the beginning. anyhow, rain chance drops down to zero as dry air makes a comeback. 59 high today. 64 tomorrow. sunny skies from friday through tuesday of next week. all right. now let's find out, boy, tell you what, this gray, wet condition has made for slow commute despite a lot of folks have the day off. >> still some problems out there this morning, on the b.q.e. westbound, morgan avenue, boulevard. fine on the whitestone throgs neck bridge. a flipped over car by peekskill hollow road. 684 is doing fine. throughway. bridge. speed restrictions still up on the tappan zee. 45 miles an hour. no delays on the bridge. this is the southbound side where headlights are moving.
8:02 am
lincoln tunnel, 45 minutes inbound. holland, george washington bridge, 15 to 20 minute delay. greg, rosanna. >> fantasy football, those websites make a lot of money, not anymore at least in new york state. they have been essentially shut down by the attorney general? >> he says it is illegal gambling. eric schneiderman told fantasy sports companies draftkings and fanduel to stop accepting bets in the state. we're getting a lot of tweets after teresa prime minister -- prilio. >> some folks are not happy. i didn't see anything listed if you're a new york remembers dent you should not participate in any way. seems as business as usual. we'll see how this transpires, greg and rosanna. the attorney general basically telling people they can not do business here in new york because these are fantasy sports sites that he considers illegal betting. he says this is nothing more
8:03 am
than a billion dollar scheme. >> these new one-day fantasy baseball leagues at are hottest thing in fantasy baseball. >> reporter: new york's attorney general deemed the daily fantasy sport sites like fanduel and draftkings which promises winning million dollars a week, nothing more than illegal gambling. not a game of skill but chance. attorney general said daily fantasy sports is neither victimless or harmless. clear that draft kings and fanduel are leaders in a multibillion dollar scheme in an attempt to evade the law and fleece fans across the country. it has half a million users here in alone. the new york actions unfortunate example of state government stifling competition and entrepreneurship and without the full and fair interest of consumers.
8:04 am
fanduel signs up 20,000 players a day. new york. both companies stand by their position, these games are legal. fanduel saying the game has been played legally in new york for years and years. after the attorney general realized he could now get himself some press coverage, he decided a game that has been around for a long, long time is suddenly now not legal. reaction is mixed. >> i think entertainment and fun. >> not necessarily game skill. all by luck. >> taking it over the line with making it for really like gambling kind of thing where it is all about making none think. >> reporter: now the attorney general investigation came after a draft king employee won $350,000 on fanduel's site using internal betting data. these companies have five days to respond to the attorney general's cease and desist letter. from that point a lot of legal experts say this matter will likely be decided in court.
8:05 am
rosanna, if other states follow suit and other attorneys general follow suit and impose these types of restrictions that is the latest from union square. send things bact to both of you. >> theresa, thank you. a lot of tweets from people saying they're skeptical going after fanduel and draftkings. >> what do they say. >> new york state only wants to shut it down to reintroduce it with a tax. any vice is only legal if it's a tax. hiv pan demic tweeted me. don't go after mma or boxing. why football? >> they had big story about insiders using information for their own purposes, right? >> i don't know. there are people out there who think the state wants a hand in it. same thing when nevada said they weren't going to accept doing business with those guys in nevada. everybody said, that is because nevada wants a piece of it. so, do you think that's a possibility? >> i don't know. i don't know.
8:06 am
>> well i guess, taxes, hey, it is kind of the price of doing business. >> right. >> hello, everybody. we're going to talk about last night's debate, republicans debate on fox business network. >> again? >> rosanna was not into it. >> i have to say i thought the candidates weren't into it either. >> i skipped the whole thing. so we have many so experts here to tell us exactly what happened and significance of it all. let's start with robert moses, yes, i promoted to you expert. you saw the whole thing. take it away. >> i'm honored. greg and rosanna good morning to you. for those of us who did not watch it i boiled each person's performance down to one word. it is not perfect but it is inexact science. kasich, edgy, carson, sleepy. fiorina interrupter, calm. paul, well-versed. trump, trump. >> hey. we don't have to watch it. >> debate featured longer answers more substance slightly less sniping immigration
8:07 am
candidates including jeb bush and john kasich dismissed donald trump's plan to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants as unworkable and inhumane. >> come on, folk, which know you can't pick them up and ship them across the border. it is silly argument. >> they're doing high-fives in the clinton campaign when they hear this. >> trump defended his plan by citing dwight eisenhower. you don't get nicer. you don't get friendlier. out. we have no choice. >> ben carson who is dogged by claims that he exaggerated his resume' defended himself and said, he is not a liar. >> i have no problem with being vetted. what i do have a problem with is being lied about. and then putting that out there. [applause] >> reporter: marco rubio and rand paul clashed over military spending. paul criticized rubio's plan to spend more.
8:08 am
rubio says he wants america to be the strongest military power in the world. carly fiorina used mantra, we must take our government back. ted cruz had the most memorable gaffe of the night when he fumbled which five agencies he would eliminate. >> the irs, the department of commerce, the department of energy, the department of commerce and hud. >> reporter: bush registered the most sarcastic line of the night when trimp siged to moderators that bush should be allowed to speak. >> thank thank you for allowing me to speak at the debate tonight, donald. i appreciate that. what a generous man you are. >> reporter: the moderators, they received high praise. they managed to keep the debate somewhat under control and candidates frequently complimented them on choice of questions. that is the whole lot different than the last republican debate when moderators were roundly ridiculed. one interesting tidbit, what the wi-fi password was in the media area?
8:09 am
>> don't tell anybody. >> stop hillary. >> republicans had -- >> i didn't watch so much. thank you, robert. >> professionable and likeable. >> i didn't watch much of the debate, right at very top introducing all the candidates they all look exhausted. if you don't believe me, we have body language expert with us. >> this is tonya reiman, she is world class, can tell people what they're thinking what they had for breakfast. the insight that you provide after looking at somebody is just amazing. >> thank you. >> let's go through it last night. trump, moving hands a lot. >> biggesttures. what you find with him now he is starting to -- >> yeah. >> so he is starting to try to lower his guess us it, right? he's trying to come across as looking more calm, more presidential, more put together. you even see it way he speaks. as debate goes on, what happens the genuine person seeps through.
8:10 am
>> he starts flailing. >> becomes hyper gesticulate tore again. these are things we know. over time he starts to come out of his shell. >> what about kasich? >> kasich really surprised me. because over last few debates i thought he was doing well. we saw real anger and lip rolls. real angry face. holding up to the podium when trump interrupts him. you can see him pulling through anger. >> i saw it too. when he talked you heard it in his voice. >> what about ben carson. look at him. overall impression. >> ben carson, you know what? it is funny he is trying to use his hands more. he needs to use his hands more. even with that extended blink what he does, so many people say he is concentrating. he is surgeon. but if he is surgeon he should have his eyes open more often. you close your eyes when you need to have the mental processing going on. because he does this hopes any hope of rapport. if i talk to you consistently
8:11 am
keep my eyes closed we can't have rapport. when he does this to the camera, to the red dot he breaks connection with the audience. >> how do you think jeb bush did last night? >> i thought he came out really strong and fizzled. came out like the energizer bunny. a little ways down the road, see the deer in the headlight look again. >> did you feel on the whole the candidates look exhausted? >> yes. i have to say, funny enough i know everyone saying moderators did a great job. they did, but i don't think they had control. they were, between fiorina talking over them and rubio talking over them and kasich said i didn't have enough time. i didn't think they had good control. >> that is what people want to see. they don't want to see their rote answers. >> right. >> i think there was enough of that frankly last night. >> i again didn't see it. i'm so glad you're here. >> so great. >> one more thing. let's jump ahead to carly fiorina. we haven't spoken about her.
8:12 am
much. i guess that is fine i guess. >> actually it is not, people who are powerful much bigger gesticulate tores, almost like a mini trump. she doesn't gesture enough. see how much her head moves because of that. that is disconcerting. you watch her don't see the head moving. see the neck going? >> here is something, somebody said she speaks about herself in the third person. i haven't seen before. >> she did do that last night. >> we must beat hillary clinton. carly fiorina can beat hillary clinton. i will beat hillary clinton. and under a president fiorina, we will restore the character of this nation. the security of this nation, the prosperity of this nation. because as citizens we will take our government back. [applause] >> i don't know. >> that is so weird, i really don't. >> i find that a little bit weird. >> that is something we do when
8:13 am
people know, hey, we believe ourselves. we keep saying president fiorina you will start saying it as well. you see it no hand gestures? that is also first time i heard her call herself in the third person. >> smart money in the republican party seems to be around marco rubio. they're kind of coalescing around this guy. we have videotape of marco rubio doing his things. generally speaking your impressions. he seems -- >> right. >> he talented. looks like he is in 8th grade. >> he needs to age himself. there are ways to do that. that sounds silly. he is really not that young. >> he can't grow a mustache yet. >> funny thing with him. he is polished and sometimes too polished. he comes across knows it too much and too practiced. we talk about this, what we say you feel something, you show it and then you speak it, right? if you're doing it out of that order, if i go i really feel strongly about this -- it's fake. but i really feel strongly about it.
8:14 am
congruent. a lot of times with him we see that mishap he doesn't do it in the correct order. that makes him look like he is too practiced. >> kind of cool. you see so much. all right, what do you observe, what are i seeing at this table? >> i'm off-duty right now. >> smart move, tonya. >> i have tell you non-verbals. what is that with biting lower lip, man, what's up? >> what does that suggest? >> i can't say it on air. >> i appreciate that. thank you for not going there. tanks a lot. tonya reiman, everybody. how do people find you? >> >> fantastic. let's talk weather, mike woods. what about his body language. everybody just wants to see his body. >> he is the man. >> rain getting out of town, cool, comfortable, you know it, ready for action. all good so far, tonya. >> awesome. >> i love it.
8:15 am
50 degrees out of central park. most of us in the upper 40s and low 50s. cooler side than what we had yesterday but for this time of the year pretty much on the money. still showers in lower hudson valley into connecticut. that is the last of the rainfall we have with the area of low pressure pulling by to the south of us heading out to sea, rock blocking out the tropical system trying to get its act together. it did. too little, too late. morning. maybe drizzle with cool temperatures but they're only here for a little while. if you're going out to the parade you will be all right but gray sky. another shot of quick showers popping into the area as we head into thursday. forecast for the next seven days, high of 59 this afternoon. getting rid of that rainfall. a quick shower passing through tomorrow. sunny skies basically from friday through tuesday of this next week. don't forget the fox5ny weather app has great interactive radar which will show you where the rain is much. all the way up to the last
8:16 am
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8:19 am
long time. assemblyman vito lopez died at age of 74. >> he was brooklyn democrat. was fighting lukemia. died at sloan kettering medical center. he was fighting for elderly. he was juan of most powerful people in the state. accused sexual harrassment. was under a big, big scandal in they are 30. we spoke to him on good day new york. he was here. you brought up some allegations against him. >> this was in 2010. i remember he was surprised we did that. it was all over newspaper. he wanted to talk about the initiatives. >> he was fined a few hundred thousand dollars that he never paid back. >> 300,000-dollar fine, that sexual harrassment situation. vito lopez. dead at 74.
8:20 am
>> fox means business. >> adam shapiro. what's up. >> top five issues, taxes immigration, minimum wage, job, the top four. the first question was about the minimum wage. so many people we saw protests yesterday and seen protests here in new york city for fastfood workers. talking about raising minimum wage $15 an hour. governor saying state workers get that next few years, $15 an hour. presidential candidates said what do you think. donald trump and carson said absolutely don't do it it's a job killer. marco rubio said if he thought raising minimum wage was to put people to work an improve their wages he would do it. but he doesn't. he went on talking about jobs what this world needs is more welders, not philosophers. he talked about the need for vocational training. we don't put enough investment in this kind of thing. those were economic issues really talked about last night during the debate. >> well, rosanna and i both agree that maria bartiromo was awesome.
8:21 am
>> she looked great. moderators did a fan tablous jobs. >> we're proud of the teams, 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. teams that moderated debate. there she is in the middle. >> neil cavuto, somebody i admire very much. >> "the times" said this was the most substantive debate so far. maria, great job. you do too, adam. >> watch them at fox business channel. >> meanwhile do you know who will be here next few minutes? >> yes i've been tipped off. nick cannon. great guy. >> he is host of "america's got
8:22 am
it took me eleven years the ecephidon megolis. gorgeous, isn't he? it was pricey, but a total bargain compared to this little beauty. (vo) a new york man spent $3.2 million on a dead bat. i have such enormous respect for
8:23 am
these creatures. which is why i stuff them and hang them on the walls. (vo) you'd make a way better rich person. lotto. making more new yorkers
8:24 am
>> yeah. let's see. i see a sailor, a couple of them. >> thank you. that's what you're supposed to say today. make sure they feel appreciated and loved. thank them for their service and
8:25 am
basically allowing us the freedom to walk around our country and not think about terror on a day-to-day basis. >> i can tell you this, walking around new york city in uniform is very cool. like walking around in a spacesuit. face it, day in, day out, maybe that has changed since 9/11 but you don't see too many members of armed forces on daily basis. >> that is why you walk around the studio with your uniform on? >> i told you not to bring that up. all right, actually i have a special thank you and shoutout to my extended family. i think we have picture of this rosanna, on this veterans day. this is the first day of my life, rosanna, in the marine corps. i'm in all white in the middle. on my right, to the left is tim clark, my cousin who went into the navy. to my left is my uncle, my late great-uncle kenneth who was a marine. my uncle donald alive and well
8:26 am
the marine corps and uncle leonard went into the marine corps. all three brothers joined the usmc anyway. >> thank you to the kelly family. >> thank you. really. we thank the marine corps. privilege to serve. i had a great time. i recommend you think about it if you're of that age. that's nice. >> do a quick shoutout, maura lane saffy she watches us every day. great day on veterans day. >> kids have off, city schools. >> my parents have off too. >> not a bag deal. veterans at channel 5 proud to be at work. >> greg kelly, you're here. >> he should have gotten special dispensation. >> cupcake or something. >> what can we do for you? >> cupcake would be nice. time 1/2. a little parade. >> that ain't happening. >> someplaces are giving away free food if you're in the military. >> fresco by scotto.
8:27 am
10% discount on appetizers. >> put it on greg's tab. >> at least do it for the troops. >> totally have to support the troops. >> you have some pull, don't you. >> 10% off all appetizers. >> sounds like a good deal for me. you're in so much trouble. >> anthony is on the phone. let's get down to business. >> i'll be fine. >> something went down the wrong pipe. happens to me all the time. you guys are well aware of that. let's show you what is going on for veterans day, heading out the door, want to go to parade. it will not be a picture-perfect day. we'll start out with gray skies, maybe drizzle left over. rain comes to an end. we start you off to the lower 50s this morning. then we work our way back up and get awe little sunshine in the afternoon. a lot of folks are out there for america's parade. we have 50 at central park. a cloudy sky there. winds out of the north 14 miles per hour. that actually picked up a decent
8:28 am
amount. it's a little breezy outside. as for real rainfall it is trying to get out of tri-state region. we have some up by duchess and you will sister county and putnam count and connecticut. fairfield and litchfield county have showers out there. but it is trying to break up and get out of here. we were expecting eight, 9:00 it would be getting out of here, maybe drizzle that is exactly what is happening. that is taking heavier showers into new england. they have a little while longer to deal with it. everyone dries out later today. peeks of sunshine. guess what, we have clouds thickening up tomorrow morning 7:00 in the morning. clouds make acom back. the showers will also work their way through briefly. doesn't look like a lot of rain. a little bit pulls through. as we head into towards friday morning, skies clearing out once again. we have a lot of sunshine coming up for you as we head into the upcoming weekend. for your veterans day. we have to get rid of all the
8:29 am
rainfall this morning. really not that big of a deal like even if you do have it. you will see peeks of sun later this afternoon. by midday 56. high temp is 59 degrees. a little wind from the north. tomorrow see high of 6. some showers pop through in the afternoon. sunny skies as we go into friday, saturday, sunday, monday evening we keep sunshine around, high temps mid to upper 50s. that is your forecast. let's bring you over to ines who has been pretty busy this morning even though a quiet day with less folks in town but wet weather. >> things are looking better. we had some popping early in the morning. most of that ponding has gone away. westchester traffic, jackson avenue, there is a lane, accident blocking a lane. you can use the saw mill and bronx river parkway to avoid any problems. b.q.e. westbound slow because of
8:30 am
an accident earlier by morgan avenue. also part of a bit of a normal delay. westbound queens boulevard. a lot of schools are off. traffic a little lighter than normal. new jersey commute 22 eastbound, a earlier accident by hillside avenue, blocking a lane. let's go to the cameras show you what is going on through way through rockland county. traffic is moving fine. george washington bridge taking that, they have the flag up this veterans day. no delays approaching gwb. lincoln tunnel. holland tunnel five minutes delay. greg and rosanna. >> did we mention it's veterans day? >> not enough. >> never enough. november 11th, armistice day. a close. there were huge celebrations and day. >> those who served our country well. 890,000 veterans call new york state their home. kerry drew in the flat iron
8:31 am
district with the gathering at the start of the parade. hello, kerry. >> reporter: hello, greg and rosanna this is about honoring their service. the parade is set to kick off in a few hours, 11:30. the parade route is behind me. nypd is closing off traffic. the parade kicks off at 26th street and fifth avenue. goes all the way to a mile, 52nd street and fifth avenue. 20,000 participant expected in this year's parade. guest. he will be in the parade, doug mcgowan, veteran of iraq and afghanistan. thanks for your service. >> reporter: tell us about your time in the military. >> i had opportunity to serve in the marine corps in iraq in 2004 and department of defense as civilian in afghanistan in 2010. the message i guess anyone who is scared or beliefs in some weird capacity that perhaps
8:32 am
we're not in good place as as a nation i would argue we are. i would challenge you to come out to see our veterans today, whether in new york or wherever it is. i would challenge you to come out to military base and see the latest, greatest generation. we're ready. we served and we're ready to do something better here in the states now that we're home. >> reporter: doug, you come from a military family. your dad served in the vietnam war. was it important to continue on the legacy and continue to follow in his footsteps? >> act absolutely. it is clear freedom isn't free. the vietnam war vets were not welcomed home with thank you for your service. they fought tirelessly. for the latest greatest generation we're welcomed home. the mission doesn't stop there. the mission stops when we take care of our veterans when we give them opportunities to continue leading this is nation and generation served over 14 years in open conflict around the year. we're here and ready to serve. it is very close to me.
8:33 am
it's a personal story. as a steward of this great event we'll continue on in the footsteps of those who came before us. >> reporter: you served all the way until 2011. what are you doing since then and what are you doing now? >> i've taken over chair of veterans war council, steward veterans day parade. i'm a father. six month daughter and recently married. we put our life on hold to serve. i'm a father and businessman. i'm looking forward to the opportunities and things that come next. >> reporter: doug, thanks so morning. greg, rosanna, the event kicks off at 11:30. >> i know that guy's father, vince mcgowan, great guy. vietnam veteran. thanks very much. >> coming up here on "good day new york," the actor daniel radcliffe is here. he is transforming himself once again. you know him from "harry potter."
8:34 am
"victor frankenstein." he place igor. >> he was the assistant, right? >> the assistant with the hunched back. >> he is lab tex. >> yes. >> this is cool movie. dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up. america runs on dunkin'. discover card hey! so i'm looking at my bill and my fico credit score's on here. yeah! we give you your fico credit score. for free! awesomesauce! the only person i know that says that is... lisa? julie? we've already given more than 175 million free fico credit scores to our cardmembers.
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>> there is young dan radcliffe. he is goes by dan. he is our friend with globalstar dom in "harry potter" movies he has done a lot. >> he has been on broadway. how to succeed in business, the musical. >> is so talented. his latest project is "victor frankenstein". place igor. dan radcliffe. >> thank you. >> done from your perspective igor. he is the hunchback, right? >> he is hunchback. we have a spin. he definitely starts off very much as a hunchback. i have to find this sort of contorted physicality. but then, we do with a lot of sort of frankenstein, there is no cliches i used cliche in positive way like hunchback an mad scientist, we give the audience what they expect in terms of the future. then screw around with it and do something.
8:38 am
>> i get a very, very painful, gross-looking operation that restraightens my spine. actually my, i don't want to put people off saying gross. my favorite scene in the film. very funny. >> why? >> it was the scene james mcavoy plays frankenstein. this was first seen. he says early in the morning i know, it is a very, it was one of those things, very, i remember the producers faces afterwards looking slightly terrified what they were doing and me and james being very proud of our systems. >> is it horror move i very. >> it is not as like a lot of horror movies. it has scary sequences. it's a more of action adventure movie. a rip reporting flight throughout london. you have "young frankenstein" which was very, very funny.
8:39 am
>> i wonder if it would -- >> there are bits of humor absolutely we do, sort of a have a bit of everything. that they have just been comedy drama. this is trying to it all. >> we are intrigued. let's see a clip shall we. frankenstein." >> i'm new to this criminal life. >> they think i'm a murderer. >> they're not looking for you, are they? they're looking for a person that is hunchbacked. igor, that creature to longer exists. >> oh. and the long hair, by the way. >> yes. >> the long hair. i had extensions put in. that is not me. >> you did? >> took 14 hours to put them in over two days. like bonded. and, not fun. >> now you understand what women go through. >> i really do. i don't know why anybody would -- >> it hurts right?
8:40 am
too it hurts like you have some sort of radiation, when you shower they fall out. like watching your hair drain away. it is very, an also takes ages to dry. this on the other hand -- >> what happened to your hair? >> yeah. i just finish doing a film where i had to shave it. i had to shave it on camera which is fun. but i never, i would never probably done this on my own. nice to do it -- >> extensions are a problem. let it grow. >> well -- >> how is that for profound? >> i think it was more of a time thing. >> when was that filmed? >> that was filmed couple years ago, frank ken stein. it is a while. a lot of vision all effects take as while, dish -- visual. >> i'm not a involved at all. my characterrer is not in it. >> what? >> i know some people, are really annoyed. i swear they said this all went out. it is prequel.
8:41 am
eddy redmayne. he won oscars. it will be great. >> are you coming back to broadway. >> i hope so. i would love to. honestly that professional experience i look back that i really miss. i can't wait to get back here in some way. >> how did you get your start? were you discovered on street? did you show up audition? was your parents idea? how did it work? >> it was bbc thing auditioning kids for david copper field. for bbc a adaptation. i was doing really badly in school. my mom and dad's friend is is agent hey, send him up for a part. nothing other kids have done. didn't do a school play. never thought i was going to get it. then i did. that started off. then on that worked with maggie smith. who suggested me to the producers of potter when it came time to cast that. i owe it to her. >> were you naturally gifted? >> i tell you what i don't think so. i was naturally really good being on set. i loved being on set.
8:42 am
i loved hours. i loved way of working from the word go. i think as i grew up i was like, okay, i i need to get better at acting. i think i was okay to begin with but i like to think i got a lot the better. >> you live in the u.k. >> yes. >> spend a lot of time in new york. >> yes. >> ever think about moving here? >> it is kind of complicated situation. i'm not from here -- >> may get a green card. >> i'm not, there is all kinds of crazy immigration stuff i don't quite understand. i know that means i can't be here the whole time. >> you're british. god save the queen. that is your country. >> exactly. nice to go home. >> what is hobby or interest you have, might surprise people,. >> fantasy football. nfl i'm a huge nfl fan. that seems to amaze people about english person. >> you heard about the website being shut down. >> yeah.
8:43 am
my girlfriend will be bitterly disappointed. she almost develop ad gambling problem with that website. >> let's face it. you probably know this, american football is better than soccer? >> i agree. totally agree. i grew up liking soccer because you have to. and then i don't know. i fell out of love with it. all the falling over and flopping does my head in. american football, if guy falls over because his knee just exploded. yeah. >> you have to have a little blood lost. >> not -- i like to be very clear about that but you know, it is a more athletic, tougher sport i think. yeah. >> no argument. >> nice to meet you in person. oh, my goodness. big fan for many years. >> we look forward to "victor frankenstein" playing -- when does it open? >> thanksgiving. take the family. >> have fun, right. >> absolutely. when digesting all that food, perfect film to watch. >> daniel radcliffe. we call him dan. >> thank you.
8:44 am
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>> how often do you get a mattress. >> i don't know. do the like 10 years? >> 10 years sounds about right. >> i got a mattress. should last me for 20 years. i don't know about that. moving around. >> have a little bit more weight you have to go for 10. >> you know what you don't hear about anymore, water bed. >> i was never into that. >> i almost talked my parents into water bed but they said it could collapse the floor. >> anna gilligan. >> let's talk about the victoria secret fashion show. footage. lily aldridge modeled the fantasy bra. it is worth two million dollars. >> that is ridiculous.
8:46 am
>> it has 7500 gemstones on it. >> it's like, all right. >> this is publicity stunt. right, it's a publicity stunt. >> we all fall for it. >> there is kendall jenner. >> kendall jenner the son of daughter of caitlyn. >> you got confused. >> and kris jenner. >> this is her. >> this is beautiful. >> looks like she is uncomfortable. >> she has the generaller long legs that won the olympics. adry yana lima with all the feathers. alexandra ambrosio offered advice to kendall and the other. >> have fun. we work out so much. such work to be in the show, get in the show. if you're in it, just enjoy every second because it goes really fast. then enjoy the food you eat after. they all posted pictures. lilly eats pizza after. >> starving for days the poor girls.
8:47 am
seems like. >> just have fun with it. anything else? >> 47 models walked and the show will air in its its entirety on december 8th. check it out then. we now know the final season of "american idol" will return on january 6th and 7th. the date has just been announced. the 15th season will kick off with a special two-night, four-hour premier. returning judges jennifer lopez, keith urban and harry connick, jr. >> i like harry connick and j.lo. >> keith is so handsome. >> always wanted to meet harry connick, jr. seems like a nice guy. >> he is very smart. in mensa. >> the i.q. club. >> he is really smart. >> i think he said he was in mensa last season. this is the significant season. this is the final "idol." >> anything else? i heard they sold another painting at christie's like for
8:48 am
a billion dollars. >> is that the guy who bought it from china? used to be taxi driver? he was taxi driver. now a billionaire. >> anna. thanks a lot. >> nick cannon will be here, host of america's got talent. he has auditions going on in music: "another sunny day" by belle and sebastian such a shame it's labeled a "getaway." life should always feel like this. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct at catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees, lattes, and macchiatos.
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>> "good day" fan of the hour brought to you by mazda, driving matters. >> all right. looks like they had a fun day at the pumpkin patch. >> thanks for saying nice things about our fox5ny facebook page. mariel hemingway will be here. >> the actress, model? >> talking about very serious thing basically her family has battled, depression. nick cannon will be here. >> funny stuff f i was running 6 months after a hip repair. hiking 2 weeks after spine care. and setting records 9 months after shoulder treatment. one special hospital, over 1,000 special stories. see them all at it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect
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